Thru MFT Connector Service API Reference Guide

The purpose of this document is to present the simple interaction between middle-ware flows and Thru. With just a few calls, the flow can pick up files from many sources and send files to many targets. Sources and targets can be modified or changed at any time but it does not affect the flow.

The usual development process is as follows:

  1. An enterprise flow is created with a single test source.
  2. Once the processing logic is in place, the flow replaces the test source with the Thru MFT connector.
  3. By doing so, it delegates collection and distribution to Thru and doesn't need to change again unless the processing logic changes.

The Connector API supports parallel upload. Contact us to get an upload code sample. Note that large file downloads will consume large memory. If your requirement is to support the pickup of very large files, arriving files need to be persisted before proceeding to processing.

This document only focuses on file exchange.

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