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Thru OptiPaaS™ | MFT Connector for MuleSoft

Obsolete on-premises licensing models punish MFT consumers who find themselves locked into burdensome and underutilized infrastructure as well as the expensive specialists required to maintain it…ouch! Lack of broad, real-time visibility into MFT activity via centralized dashboards and reporting increases risk of unrecognized failures and missed SLAs. Communications across time zones, various technologies and expertise involved in partner onboarding are tedious and expensive. Connectivity between MuleSoft and on-premises legacy MFT solutions creates redundancy and inefficiency as MFT functionality must be configured in each Mule flow.

Designing Mule flows with inflexible, obsolete and messy MFT integration in the 21st century is just wrong!

Read the Thru OptiPaaS | MFT Connector for MuleSoft datasheet.

Read the Thru OptiPaaS | MFT Connector for MuleSoft Datasheet